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COVID-19 Policies

Tours & Planning Appointments:
If you are interested in touring Sleepy Ridge, please make an appointment.  We can answer any questions and schedule appointments over the phone or through email. 


Prevention Policies:

  • We are conducting regular and frequent disinfecting of all high-touch areas. 

  • All Sleepy Ridge staff body temperatures are checked before each shift to ensure no abnormal body temperatures. Any employee(s) with abnormal body temperatures will be sent home.

  • We are reinforcing illness prevention procedures to all Sleepy Ridge staff as recommended by the health community. Including: frequent hand washing, avoiding contact with eyes, nose, and mouth. Sleepy Ridge is also adhering to social distancing procedures.

  • Masks are required as per Utah Mandate for all weddings, events, guests and staff.

  • Hand sanitizer is encouraged and provided upon entrance and exit of venue.

  • We are encouraging lower guest counts and families who come together, sit together.

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