Utah Wedding Banquet Halls

Your wedding day is going to be composed of hundreds of little memories from the color of your shoes to the sparkle in his eyes. Bound to be one of the biggest days of your entire life, you don’t want the banquet to leave you disappointed. Everything has to be perfect. Oddly enough choosing food is often directly associated with selecting a venue. When a bride chooses the right venue, everything else usually falls into place perfectly including a cheap, elegant wedding day banquet.

UT Wedding Banquets

Since weddings consume and entire day, it is important to plan an adequate banquet to give you the energy you need to get you through the day. With all the planning a wedding requires from dresses to music and flowers, many brides over look the important banquet planning. Perhaps the best way to ensure that everyone involved is fed a warm meal on demand is to hire a catering service. Whether you are using catering at an elegant banquet hall, or you are opting for a casual cheap approach, one thing is certain; catering relieves a lot of stress for a bride and her family on wedding day.

Elegant Banquet Halls in Utah

Many Utah brides don’t want their wedding to look cheap as a result of a cheap or poorly prepared banquet. Some brides splurge on the food itself, but serve it in a cheap, informal location. Perhaps the best solution for a bride on any budget is to use a catering service provided by an elegant banquet hall. Banquet halls offer everything a bride needs for a picture perfect elegant wedding banquet including:

  • Gourmet Food
  • Tables
  • Table Cloths
  • Chairs
  • Servers

With all this included for one cheap flat rate, brides are able to have the elegant wedding banquet of their dreams without the stress, and without the work of preparing a meal and hall themselves.

The Elegant Sleepy Ridge Banquet Hall

Sleepy Ridge in Orem, UT is one of Utah Valley’s finest reception halls. Our experienced staff at Sleepy Ridge have helped hundreds of Utah brides choose everything they need for their wedding ceremony, reception and banquet from the food to the décor for cheap. Sleepy Ridge offers preferred catering through award winning Marvellous Catering, Magleby’s Catering and Culinary Crafts for cheap. With several elegant halls and so many delicious gourmet foods to choose from, we are sure that our catering services will be the perfect accent to your perfect day.

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Why Choose Sleepy Ridge?

We are a beautiful wedding venue in Utah county, tucked back on a golf course down by Utah lake. It’s a gorgeous country club feel, minus the cost!

With so many places to choose from it is easy to throw a budget out the window. At Sleepy Ridge in Orem, you’ll find our beautiful location is the place of your dreams for your inexpensive wedding reception.

Customer Reviews
 Sleepy Ridge is an incredible venue with the best staff! My wedding was a breeze to plan with the helpfulness of the coordinator and the convenience of on-site floral and decor. I was a very stressed out bride, but Sleepy Ridge put me at ease by having a hostess to take care of my every need. I had a wonderful experience!-Andrea Gauchay

We had our Christmas party there and it was splendid. The staff was organized and ready to help with anything that I needed. They were very professional and kind. The staff at Sleepy Ridge made my job of planning the Christmas party so much easier then I could ever have imagined! Even the views from the balcony were amazing. I would recommend this place to any one looking for a clean, stunning venue for a party or a wedding.

- Abbie Bingham

I would strongly recommend Sleep Ridge for your wedding venue. After an exhaustive search, I believe it is the best value for the money. Not only was the location beautiful, but the staff were great to work with, responsive, and were anxious to ensure that my expectations were met. The night of my wedding (2/27/15) I arrived and had very little to be concerned about. Everything was set-up and ran according to my expectations.

I think any bride would be pleased with their choice of Sleepy Ridge as their wedding venue. It truly was a partnership that made my day exactly what I wanted it to be.

- Tanya Befus

LOVE THIS PLACE. Everything was fairytale level perfection for our weekend wedding reception in the Garden Room. The venue was gorgeous, the staff was helpful, and the packages Sleepy Ridge provides are reasonably priced and worth the money to avoid the headache. A couple other perks are the parking lot is big enough to accommodate guests and it is close to hotels for traveling guests. The keynote of the entire evening was the stunning sunset over Utah Lake. All in all, sleepy ridge is a perfect 10.

-Kasie Fry

I loved our experience with Sleepy Ridge! Not only was it the best priced venue I could find, it was the most beautiful! Truly breathtaking! Perfect for bridals as well. We went with Magelby's for the Catering and were very happy with them. and they catered to our Gluten Free needs. I was most impressed with the staff at the night of the wedding of Sleepy Ridge, they were there for every need and everyone was so great through the whole process. I also loved my bouquet! The package really is a great deal, and I would recommend sleepy ridge to anyone looking for the perfect wedding!

-Lindsay Adamson